Frequently Asked Questions about
Emergency AC and Heat Issues
What is an AC/Heat emergency?
If the AC unit is completely nonfunctional or the ambient
temperature in the house reaches 80 degrees or higher during
the cooling season.
If the heating unit is nonfunctional or the ambient temperature
in the house falls below 60 degrees during the heating season.
Are there any exceptions to the emergency conditions?
Yes. If there is an infirm, disabled, or newborn person in the
home who is dependent upon maintaining a constant
temperature or upon sensitive medical equipment, a technician
will be dispatched to correct the problem with the unit with no
after hour charges applied.
What if I don't have an emergency, but still want a technician to
come to my home?
Non-emergency calls will be accepted. A service fee and after
hour charge of $100 will apply to non-emergency issues.
Martin AC and Heat
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